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101E - Acne Getaway

Package: 60ml

Feature: Natural Ingredients


Developedby the famous dermatologist Dr. Zhao, 101E Acne Getaway® is the most popular herbal lotion for acne and red spots. It works by regulating oily secretions, cleaning out clogged pores, inhibiting facial toxin build-up and controlling unsightly breakouts to combat blemishes and leave the skin moist and smooth.

· This all natural product is 100% safe;

· Ithydrolyzes and drains the pores, thus preventing new pimples from forming.

· Unlike most adult acne medications, which leave the skin dry and irritated, 101E Acne Getaway® contains an anti-bacterial agent that moisturises the skin while fighting bacteria.

Key Ingredients:

Radixgentianae, Herba drymaria cordata, Cortex dictamni radicis, Fructus kochiae, Herba menthae, Cortex mori radicis, Radix ledebouriellae, Radix angelicae dahuricae, Rhizoma dryopteris crassirhizomaeand Herba speranskia tuberculata.

Direction for use:

After washing face with warm water and soap, daub the liniment on the spots. Apply at least twice daily.

For better result combine with Liu Huang Soap, SLK Facial Wash, SLK Facial Cream, Individualised Herbal Powder Prescription for various skin disorders . Please refer to other items inour shop.


For external use only.

The skin allergic to alcohol should becareful or avoid to use this product.
Avoid contact with the eyes and broken skin.

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