How Many...

How many treatments will I need?

A: This varies from person to person depends on how long you’ve had the problem, how ‘deep’ or serious the problem is, and what you want to achieve as well as your overall condition, such as age and constitution. e.g. A muscle problem such as tennis elbow may only need one or two sessions but if it’s been with you for months it will be harder to tackle because more muscles will probably become involved. An illness such as ME or Rheumatoid Arthritis will require long term treatment because many different aspects of the functioning of the body have become involved – the illness is much more complex. Typically, for most people somewhere between 6 and 12 treatments should get you a good result. However, it is normal to continue coming for “top up” treatments at less regular intervals after this. One off acupuncture is also available and is ideal if you have a special occasion coming up, or simply want to give it a try!

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