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Chinese philosophies believe that everything including the universe is interrelated and changing all the time. One has to reach peaceful state of mind and harmony with the surrounding to maintain good health. Therefore, your TCM practitioner may advise suitable approaches for Lifestyle management, such as Circadian adjustment, work-life balance, smoking or bad habit refraining, etc.

Based on your condition and choice of treatment, your TCM practitioner may advice on dietary selection and/or specific exercises or lifestyle recommendations, Such as the below:

For Spleen Qi deficiency: fatty greasy food to be avoiced;
For sputum stagnation: raddish celery are recommanded.
For diabetes: sweets to be avoided.
For Stomachach: soar / acidy fruit to be avoided;
For Heart deficiency: Watermelon to be avoided;
For Kidney deficiency: Banana to be avoided;
For constipation: persimmon to be avoided,

Depends on the property of the body constitution, certain food should be adapted or avoided:

Hot food: deep fried, roasted food, BBQ, red meat (lamb, pork, beef), diary products, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, sweet, sugar, curry, chilly, spicy food, cheese,

Hot fruit: tangerine, peach, cherry, coconut, lichi, chestnut,
Intermediate fruit: apple, grape, pinapple, olive,
Cooling fruit: fresh / red / grean / orange vegi, pears, celery, cucumber, water melon, banana(K+), orange (K+), mongo, tomato, mustmelon,
Cooling food: water, green tea, white meat (duck, fish, chicken), e.g. Celery, cucumber,

During Herbal prescription: sea food, spicy food,alcohol may be avoided.

Your TCM practitioner may also advice you to perform certain ritual or Exercise, such as Taichi, Qigong, Tuina, Arm swipe, patting technique, Head / back support, Swallow Style, Viscera Massage via reverse breathing, sleeping position, finger exercise for insomnia, etc...

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