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SLK Face Cream

SLK Facial Cream: £9.99

Package: 80g tube

Feature: All Natural Ingredients


Specifically created by eminent Chinese dermatologists, combining abstracts of traditionalChinese herbal remedies with modern production technology to help fight againstfacial skin problems and combat inflammation.

* The natural ingredients used help to regulate the skin’s delicate mechanism and hinder follicular clogging, thereby preventing and controlling breakouts to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance

* This oil-free emollient cream specifically designed to help dispelblemishes remaining after spots disappear, prevent follicular clogging due totoxin build-up and keep the skin moist and protected.

* This herbal facial cream is effective on all types of spots and helpsto eliminate marks remaining after spots disappear.

Key Active Ingredients:

Glycerin, IsopropylPalmitate (Palm Oil Derivative), Stearyl Almond Oil, Kaolin, Triethanolamine, Triclosan

Direction for Use:

Apply the cream morning andevening after cleaning the face.

For better result combine with SLK Foaming Facial Wash, SLK Spot Gel, and SLK Fabric Facial Mask. Please refer to other items in our shop.

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