Slimming Q/A

We can help you to lose weight with our sliming products and treatments.

How much weight will I lose if I take your herbal weight loss products?

A: As we are all different, how much weight you will lose by taking the herbal slimming products really depends on your own constitution. For example, some people can lose up to 5 kilos a week, others may lose half or even less than half kilo a week. It is hard for us to predict.

How long should I take the herbal weight loss products for?

A: We recommend that the herbal slimming products are to be taken every day for one month. Then give it a break for two to four weeks before you take them again.

Will I put weight on again if I stop taking the herbal weight loss products?

A: You should not put on weight providing your diet is healthy, i.e. more fresh vegetables and fruit less fatty, greasy food.

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