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Liuhuang Soap

Package: 85g

It aids to combat inflammation and treat dry, flaky and itchy skin on face, hand, scalp and body. Recommended for eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorder sufferers.

• An effective but non-aggressive cleanser that fights inflammation, stimulate the blood flow and nourish the distressed skin to treat acne, spots or other skin and/or flaky scalp;
• With anti-bacterial functions, it delivers fast, visible results.
• Gentle yet effective to aid treatment and recovery.

Main ingredients:

suffur, plant extract

Direction for Use:

Gently apply to the affected part of the body, and leave for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

For better result,combine with 101G for Hair Loss (Oily Scalp), 101 Hair Follicle Nourishing Lotion (Normal or Dry Scalp), Hair Regrowth Shampoo, and individualized herbal powder prescription for various skin disorders . Please refer to other items in our shop


This product is not recommended for long term use.

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