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Rose Essence Whitening Lotion


Feature: All natural ingredients


Specifically created by eminent Chinese dermatologists, combining abstracts of traditional Chinese herbal remedies with modern productiontechnology to help remove facial skin pigmentation, blemishes and facial marks.

* Expertly formulated for clearer,fresher and fairer skin. * The breakthrough technology releases potent natural whitening elements into your facial skin cells.
* Providing longer-lasting moisture while ensuring maximum whitening power.

* Suitable for all skin types.

Key Active Ingredients:

Rose Essence Oil and plant extract

Direction for Use:

After using the Nourishing & Whitening Facial Cleanser, apply an adequate amount of Nourishing Rose Essence Lotion to your facial skin and pat dry.

For better result, combine with the Nourishing & Whitening Facial Cleanser and top it up with A Cream and B Cream in the morning, and C Cream in the evening. Please referto other items in our shop.

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