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ABC Herbal Whitening Cream


Feature: Natural Ingredients

Package: A Cream (20g) B Cream (20g) C Cream (20g)


Specifically created by eminent Chinese dermatologists,combining abstracts of traditional Chinese herbal remedies with modern production technology to help combat facial skin pigmentation, blemishes and facial marks.

* A light emollient base with strong penetration ability which is proven to visibly remove pigmentation and facial marks.

* Results seen in a short period of time (2 to 3 weeks).

* Protects against free radical damage caused by UV light (Sun Damage).

* Free from harsh chemicals.

Key Active Ingredients:

A Cream: Arnica, Thayer, Rosebush,Ginkgo Vitamin E, Active Pearl extract, Arbutin, Ginseng, Angelica, Oliver Oiland Aloe Essence, etc.

B Cream:

Coix Seed, Water Fennel,Elderberries, Chamomile, Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, AngelicaThayer Saffron Rhizoma Typhonii and Tartaric Acid, etc.

C Cream: Plant Essences of Natural Pearl, Green Tea, Liquorice Tuckahoe and Aloe, etc.

Direction for Use:

Use A and B creams in the morning after using Nourishing & Whitening Facial Cleanser; Use C cream in the evening after using Nourishing & Whitening Facial Cleanser.

For better result, combine with the Nourishing & Whitening Facial Cleanser and Rose Essence Lotion before using the cream every day. Please referto other items in our shop.


For the first time before use, please apply a little C cream onto the skin behind the ear or inside of the wrist. Wait for around 1 hour, if no discomfort like reddish swelling, you may start to use the creams.

After using one or two days, some may feel slightly itching or fever, which is normal and will disappear in a week.

Avoid spicy food while using the cream.

Avoid sunlight and keep out of children’s reach.

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