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Direction for Use of Herbal Tea:

1. Half an hour after meal, put 2 level tea spoons of prescribed powder in a cup, add 100ml - 200ml boiling water and stir even.Let it cool down and drink.

2. Repeat the above twice a day or follow advice.

3.For herbal Capsules: take 4 capsules, 3 times daily, after meal.

Direction for Preparing the Tailor-made Herbal Wash

1. One pack of herbal mixture is to be used for 4 days,

2. Empty a full pack of herbal mixture into a mixing bowl

3. Soak in adequate amount of tap water for a couple of hours.

4. Boil the herbs in the same soaking water for a couple of minutes then simmer for about 10 minutes.

5. Drain the herbal liquid into a mixing bowl or a bucket. (Store the herbs in the fridge when they cooled down and boil the again on the third day).

6. When the temperature of the herbal liquid is comfortably warm, soak your hand(s) / foot(feet) in for around half an hour. Reheat it if it is getting cold.

7. The same herbal liquid is good to be used twice a day for two days. Heat it up each time before you use it and make sure the temperature is always comfortably warm for each use.

8. Take out the hers you stored in the fridge and boil them again. Repeat the procedure 2-6.

9. Please get in touch with our clinic if you have anything unsure of...

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