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Miracle Lamp - Fast Pain Relief

Miracle Lamp - fast pain relief: £195.49



  • Input voltage: 220v Frequency: 50/60HZ

  • Power consumption:250w Leakage current:<0.1mA

  • ambient Temperature in use: 0 to 40oc Ambient Humidity in use 80%

  • Gross weight:12Kg Dimension: 61x49x26cm

  • Net weight:12kg

Function :

This mineral heat lamp was invented in China by a group of scientists and physicians, headed by Dr. Gou Wenbin at the Chinese Medicine Institute. By 1979, 36 universities, 45 graduate schools, 41 research institutes, 250 hospitals and three thousand doctors and researchers formed an international society in order to carry out clinical studies related to the effects of this mineral infrared medical treatment.

Widespread use by over 60 million people worldwide in countries including Australia, Japan, Mexico and China, confirmed that the lamp was able to alleviate inflammation, tranquilize pain and improve micro-circulation. It is now used in almost every Chinese hospital outpatient department, and provides pain relief to many millions more worldwide.

1. Relieves Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation and Soft Tissue Injuries,
This Miracle lamp increases blood circulation, which aids in muscle relief by emitting 33 essential minerals into your body. The absorbed energy promotes micro circulation and metabolism, helps improve the immune system. Good for people with sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back ache, tennis elbow and joint pains.

2. Relaxes Muscle and Improves Range Of Motion
This Miracle lamp causes the muscles to relax, which will improve range of motion and help insomnia. Lots of treatments have shown that the mineral heating lamp provides several key health benefits for massage therapy.

3. Comfortable and Relaxed Feeling - Great for harsh winter & elderly
This mineral heating lamp generates a kind of thermo-magnetic heat. The heat of this Miracle Mineral Lamp penetrates into the region of the body which creates a very comfortable and relaxed feeling.

For better result
, combine with our Ease Oil, Ease Patch and individualized herbal powder prescription for various Pain conditions. Please refer to other items in our shop.

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