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Herbal Dry Skin Healer

Herbal Dry Skin Healer for Dry,Cracked Skin

Package: 30g

Feature: Active Natural Ingredients


This CREAM istruly unique. It is a perfect mix of Wild Harvested Changbai Ginseng & with other herbal extracts through modern production technology. It heals dry,flaky, coarse and cracked skin.

* It makes skin soft and supple.

* It energizes the skin’s regeneration mechanism to keep the skin condition naturally balanced to heal dried, cracked skin (face, lips, hand and/or foot).

Key Ingredients:

Changbai Mountain Ginseng

Direction for Use:

Apply a properamount onto the affected area and massage gently. Use twice daily or as desired.

For better result, combine with our Six Essence Herbal Wash and Individualised Herbal Prescription for various dry skin conditions.

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