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Ear Candle

Package: 2 candles

Ingredients: 100% Cotton, wax, rose oil.

The SLK Ear Candle is a natural system deriving from an ancient Chinese tradition. This simple and safe method causes a warming effect to enter the outer ear canal where it softens and loosens ear wax, helping to break up wax so that it can excrete naturally. The treatment process enables warmth to gently massage the tympanic membrane and stimulate the ear, nose and throat to relieve the sinuses.


(You will need someone to help you.)

Insert the candle into the protective disc (silver face up) down to the flame-breaking ring.

Light the wide end of the candle.

Lie down on your side. Insert the tapered end of the candle into the ear and hold it as vertical as possible with your fingers.

When the flame has burnt down to the flame-breaking ring, stop the treatment and extinguish the candle in a glass of water.

Wipe away any waste with the cotton ball. Then treat the other ear.


Not suitable for anyone who has acute ear infection.

Please ensure you have plenty of space when where you can safely perform the process.

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