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Ease Patch


Package: 2 patches

Ingredients: Menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil.


New Lock Ease Patch is a convenient and natural way to ease aching and soreness and maintain suppleness. Its unique transdermal therapeutic formula combines natural Chinese herbal remedies with hydropolymer technology to achieve instant and lasting benefits in soothing aching muscles and limbs and maintaining supple joints. Its fast action and convenience of use make it suitable for many diverse applications.

Direction for use

1 Dry the skin before use.

2 Cut open the foil sachet, remove the patch and peel off the protective film as far as the centre. Keep the flexible cloth side in the hand.

3 Apply the adhesive side to the affected area and remove the remaining part of the film by pulling it gently away.

4 Press the patch gently all over the targeted part of the body for better adhesion.

5 Slightly bend joints such as elbows and knees when applying a patch to these areas. If necessary, an elastic bandage or micropore tape can help to secure the patch in place.

6 Remove the patch before taking a bath or shower.

For better result combine with New Lock Ease Oil, Individualised Herbal Powder Prescription to aid joint pain, swollen legs. Please refer to other items in our shop.


· Keep out of sight and reach ofchildren.

· Do not use during pregnancy orwhen planning a pregnancy.

· Do not use if you have eczemaor other skin conditions

· Discontinue use if irritationor redness develops.

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