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SLK Abdotrim Organic Slimming Patches

Abdotrim Patches: £6.49 (out of stock)

Feature: All natural ingredients

Package: 6 patches

SLK AbdoTrim Organic Slimming Patches is a natural way to help lose fat, detoxify the body and maintain good health. It is a safe and easy external regime to help budge fat and promote fat loss.

• Its unique transdermal formula combines extracts of natural Chinese herbs with scientifically proven ingredients of Wood Vinegar and Tourmaline to achieve both short-term and long-term benefits in shifting stubborn pounds and maintaining a balanced body.
• It gradually releases its stimulating effect on both abdominal and foot acupoints to help weight loss.
• It has no chemical additives, and is safe for regular application over a long period of time without bringing any side effect.

Benefits also includes
• It helps to control appetite and curb craving for sweets or chocolate.
• It absorbs accumulated surplus matter and stimulate metabolism

Wood vinegar, tourmaline, extracts of hawthorn fruit, red sage root, loquat leaf, sweet vetch.

Direction for Use:

Apply the patch to your abdomen during the day or night, or to your feet before you go to sleep . Keep in place for 8 hours. Depending on your Body Mass Index, you may need to apply a patch a couple of times a week. (see package for full details).

For better result, combine with Herbal Slimming Massage Gel, Dieter’s Tea, or Oolong Tea, or Feiyan Slimming Tea, please refer to other items in our shop.


* This product is not suitable for Children under 12 years old.
* Do not use during pregnancy or when planning a pregnancy.
* Discontinue use if irritation or redness develops.

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