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Dieters’ Tea

Dieters Tea: £8.49


Feature: All natural ingredients

Package: 18 teabags

Maximum strength herbal formula, helps you keep fit without dieting or disturbing your body’s natural balance with appetite suppressants.

It is fast and effective to aid slimming and weight loss by working as a bowel stimulant to curb the appetite
It is best for short-term use to quickly lose weight
It is one of most famous slimming tea and the bestseller in the UK's Chinese medicine shops

Benefits also includes
* Increase metabolism * Burn the excessive fat * Detoxify the body

* Reduce bloated stomach * Relieve constipation * Aid to lower cholesterol level

Senna leaf; 100% natural tea leaf. Contains no caffeine . No chemical additives.

Direction for Use:

One teabag a day. For first time users, making the tea light to avoid stomach discomfort (leave the teabag in a cup of boiling water for about 20 seconds then take it out, cool it down and store it in the fridge). The same teabag can be usedtwo to three times. You could make the tea stronger by leaving the teabag longer after using it for a few days. Drink when warm (honey may be added to sweeten the taste).

For better result, combine with herbal Abdo Trim Slimming Patches and Herbal Slimming Massage Gel. Please refer to other items in our shop.


* This product is not suitable for Children and Pregnant or Breastfeeding women;
* It's normal that some individuals with sensitive stomach might have loose stool or slight diarrhea after tea.

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